3 Basic Concepts Your Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

3 Basic Concepts Your Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

Is your child about to start kindergarten? It’s every parent’s dream to see their kids excel at school and outsmart other kids with their intelligence. If you’re wondering how to achieve this goal, remember to teach these basic skills to them before kindergarten.

Counting, Adding and Subtracting

Math is a common subject every student has to study as soon as they enter school. Therefore, all students must be aware of basic math concepts before moving on to complex math problems. An excellent way to ensure that your child doesn’t struggle during math classes in kindergarten is by teaching them some basic math concepts before they start school.

These concepts include recognizing numbers, counting them in order, adding numbers, and subtracting them. A kindergarten student should know how to count up to 30 or more. The perfect way to make this process is easier is by using play-based education and activities to teach them mathematical concepts such as numbers.a boy studying

The use of blocks, puzzles, and sticks can significantly help teach children these concepts. Once they’ve mastered them, they’ll be able to perform exceptionally well in school too.

Writing anda boy studying Recognizing the Alphabet

Another fundamental concept every pre-schooler should know about before starting kindergarten is the alphabet. Children’s ability to identify and use the alphabet to form words, phrases, and sentences play a significant role in developing a foundation for their performance in other courses they’re likely to take in the future.

Therefore, parents and caregivers must focus on helping children identify the alphabet, their sounds, and practice writing them to grasp the overall concept. The use of educational videos and pictorials can significantly help in teaching these concepts to children. Once they know how to form words with the alphabet, they’ll be better equipped to make small sentences on their own. However, it may take a while for them to get the hang of writing them.


Lastly, an essential skill every child must have some experience with is reading. Apart from being an excellent healthy hobby for most kids, reading is a crucial ability that determines a child’s comprehension skills and potential for an enhanced vocabulary.

Many parents struggle to teach kids new words because they don’t know how to explain their meanings to their children. Howevea child in kindergartenr, once a child becomes fond of reading, they eventually, start learning new words and adding them to their vocabulary. This habit ultimately pays off by allowing children to participate actively in the classroom when they start school.

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