Work with Us

We’re interested in working with passionate professionals  who share our vision of nurturing young children while providing enrichment with the knowledge needed  to bring out their inner Master Mind.

We aim to create a productive learning environment where children can learn at their own pace while enjoying the wonders of education.


We’ve curated a fun and interesting environment that’s fundamentally grounded in keeping children engaged in learning sessions.

Before they’re heading off to school, we provide children with a curated curriculum to help them use their intuition to learn the fundamentals that are helpful for when they tackle the conventional education system.

Teacher is playing with cheerful children at kindergarten

What Master Mind Is

Master Mind Daycare is an initiative to help bring out the hidden potential and talent of your little ones. We aim to groom their skills  helping them hone their abilities while also providing them with a curriculum that’s relevant for their future learning.


Our Master Mind teachers are passionate about bringing out the best in our children helping them perform to the best of their capabilities and talents.

A full year of learning
and fun at Master Mind

Summer Learning

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