The Best & Affordable Master Nannies Service Agency in Maryland

Master Nannies is a VIP nannies service provided by Master Mind Daycare. Our team of VIP nannies is dedicated to providing you with the most qualified, caring, and trustworthy childcare providers around. We’re here to help you find a nanny who will be a perfect fit for your family. Our goal is to help parents find the best nannies for their children. All of the background checks, interviews, and training are taken care of so that you can spend more time with your kids. If you are in search of nanny agencies in MD, Master Mind Daycare is just a click away!

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The Best Nannies in Harford County

We are the affordable nanny service in Maryland that works with you to find the best match for your needs. We are not just another nanny agency; we develop a relationship with each of our clients. If you are looking for VIP nannies in Harford County, Master Mind Daycare’s Master Nanny is the right choice for you.

Duties of Master

Nannies are a great way for families to have a break from their hectic schedules.. Families with single parents or both working parents can use our nannies to free up their time.


looking for a nanny to hire? Our qualified nannies will give your family peace of mind about your children’s safety, care, and education. They can also take the pressure off parents trying to balance work and parenthood.

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Hire Master Nannies

Master Nannies is an online local nanny service that connects parents with qualified nannies. Customers pay a monthly fee to access the platform and then choose the right nanny as per their needs.

Our nannies can be chosen according to their skills, experience, and availability. We are providing best nanny service near you, committed to exceptional Care, tailored to your convenience!

Value of Master Nannies

Service 1x Weekly $601.00

Counselor $150.00 
Personal Chef $200.00 
Cleaning Service $145.00 
Tutoring $56.00 
Transportation $50.00 

Service 4x Monthly $2,404.00

Counselor  $600.00
Personal Chef  $800.00
Cleaning Service  $580.00
Tutoring  $580.00
Transportation  $200.00

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Value of Master Nannies

Service 1x Weekly $601.00

Service 4x Monthly $2,404.00

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Valued at $150.00

Our nannies provide emotional support catering to your child’s optimal wellness.

Personal Chef
Valued at $200.00

Master Nannies ensure that your child is provided with a home cooked meal.

Cleaning Service
Valued at $145.00

Master Nannies ensure that your house is clean!

Tutoring Valued at $56.00

Our nannies assist your child with completing homework and ensure that they understand their assignment.

Transportation Valued at $50.00

Master Nannies transport your child to their daily activites

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