4 Problems Faced by Single Parents

a mother and daughter talking

Raising a child can be a challenging experience for parents, even more so if you’re by yourself during these difficult times. Single parents face more financial struggles, emotional battles, lack of support, and more. It can be stressful for both the parent and the child, especially with unique parenting challenges cropping up with the age of digitization. Things like online bullying and high-stakes testing can become difficult to work through.

Here are some of the main problems faced by single parents:

Work-life challenges

Working full-time is essential in this economy, especially if you want to support yourself and your children. Most single parents never really get any leisure time, ruining their mental and physical health over time. It’s almost impossible to provide for children by yourself without putting in extra working hours. It would be beneficial to search for work opportunities that have more flexible working hours or something that has an option for working from home.

Guilt and responsibility

Single working parents often feel guilty for not being able to do enough for their children. They have to keep their boss, extended family, and the community happy in such a limited time, with limited resources. It is normal to start feeling burnt out at an early stage, making parents feel even worse for not being at their best for the sake of their children.

Single parents can get this guilt under control by accepting that parenting isn’t a competition. You have to learn how to live in the moment and find time to spend with your kids to connect with them on a deeper level than just being their provider.

Financial strain

While money may not be able to buy happiness, running low on money causes anxiety, stress, and a lower standard of living. Single parents often feel guilty for not being able to provide as much as they want for their kids. Often, the situation can be aggravated when they don’t receive child support or they spend their limited funds on attorneys to pursue said child support.

Emotional challenges

Being a single parent means that you’re alone in your hard times and endeavors. Having no one to share your good or bad experiences with can get extremely lonely, and you might find yourself being unable to juggle your personal and professional lives. This can bring on some heavy bouts of depression and loneliness.

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