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Living in the suburbs is many people’s ideal goal, especially when looking to raise a family. However, many families often look for suburban towns with easier access to the metropolitan area, and Aberdeen is one of such places in Maryland. Located in Harford County, Aberdeen is one of the closest towns to the metro city.


Thanks to its prime location, Aberdeen residents enjoy better access to exquisite dining, entertainment, recreation, and so much more. It’s an excellent town for parents who want their children to experience a quiet and laid-back life with sufficient exposure to city life.


At Master Mind Daycare, we serve as one of the most reliable daycares and summer camps for children in Aberdeen.

Modern Education

Education for children is essential at every level. Toddlers feel thrilled and excited to learn new things and concepts at a young age, which is why the experts at Master Mind believe that employing the right resources can significantly help shape them into better individuals in the future. Therefore, our daycare and summer camp in Aberdeen takes various elements of modern education into account to teach young children basic STEAM concepts like the alphabet that they can use later in more complex educational settings.


Our home-based daycare and nanny service in Aberdeen aims to prepare children before they enter pre-school or kindergarten and help them stand out intellectually and academically.

Learning at Every Step of the Way

All the activities and lesson plans we’ve designed at our daycare and summer camp in Aberdeen are meant to ensure optimal learning for children at every step of the way. There’s a chance for growth in everything we plan for children. From gardening to meditation to reading time and everything else, we ensure all children at our daycare in Aberdeen MD make the best use of our resources.


Our summer camp in Aberdeen is just as fun-filled and resourceful as our daycare. We strive to make your child’s summers meaningful and productive, so they never have to get bored again.

Smaller and More Focused Classrooms

Everything at our daycare and summer camp in Aberdeen is based on children’s optimal care, learning, and growth. One of the aspects we take significant pride in is our smaller classrooms that allow us to individually focus on each child to assist them with everything they’re struggling with. Smaller classrooms are meant to give your children a home-like environment at our daycare, allowing them to confidently explore themselves and perform their best during activities with other children at the daycare.

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