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We all love a town with rich history and all the beauty that gives you hints of serenity and nostalgia, especially when you decide to live in it. Churchville is one such town in Maryland. Comparatively smaller than other Maryland cities, Churchville has a close-knit population of about five hundred residents, primarily including families with kids and pets.


One thing Churchville has always been recognized for is its history as a logging camp a few decades ago, which ultimately turned into a beautiful town for its residents. Three reasons people choose to live in Churchville include its stunning views, all the perks of living in the countryside, and the breathtaking homes they lead their lives in.


Baltimore, Churchville is close to the Maryland downtown, simplifying access to the urban areas. Families continue to look for progressive and reliable home-based daycare and summer camps for their children in Churchville.


Improved Care

At Master Mind Daycare, we’re known for ensuring a nurturing environment for your child where they feel safe and at home. Whether you enroll them in our Daycare Service in Churchville, we never compromise on a child’s basic needs in terms of care, safety, security, and nourishment.

Learning At Every Stage

We understand the significance of basic education for early childhood development. Therefore, everything we teach our children aims to accomplish a new learning goal for toddlers.


From the number to the alphabet and other educational concepts, we tend to make learning simple yet fun for every child, regardless of age, strengths, and weaknesses.


Our daycare and Nanny Service in Churchville is filled with productive group and individual activities and lessons that your child can use best as they enter pre-school or kindergarten.

A Unique Play-Based Curriculum

We’ve designed a play-based curriculum for all children at our daycare and summer camp to help them adopt new skills through activities like public speaking, yoga, meditation, and more.

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