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Harford County is one of the most popular countries in Maryland, known for many things, including its small townships to facilitate residents. An excellent city within Harford County is Edgewood, a small town in Maryland that continues to influence the state’s overall population and economic growth over the years. Today, Edgewood’s population is approximately 26,219, which is 1.5% higher than what it was in the last four or five years.

One of the key reasons why families often consider Edgewood as the city of their residence is its suburban atmosphere, which is highly in demand, especially among individuals looking for serene living spaces. Unlike the dense metropolis, Edgewood offers the perfect amount of space, peace, and prosperity to lead quiet lives and raise children.


Edgewood offers a lot in terms of safety and security for its residents. In fact, the city has the lowest crime rate than any other suburban region in the United States. People concerned about theft, street crime, and children’s safety often choose to live in Edgewood to live with peace of mind that they’re well-protected. There’s no doubt that the low crime rates of Edgewood are a leading pro of moving to and living in Edgewood.


Being home to families with children, parents and guardians in Edgewood always seek to provide their kids with resources that’ll contribute to their early childhood development. You can now count on our daycare and summer camp at Master Mind to meet this goal.

An Exclusive Daycare Program

At Master Mind Daycare, we offer two programs, including our exclusive daycare and summer camp in Edgewood. Unlike our daycares, we serve as a home-based daycare in Edgewood, aiming to help your child receive the early childhood education and lessons they need to grow as intellectual and well-learned individuals. From our play-based curriculum to STEAM-based subjects, we employ modern education methods to help your child get accustomed to essential concepts of critical thinking, comprehension, writing, and more.

Individual Attention for Each Kid

We strongly believe that every child has their own strengths and weaknesses and should be evaluated individually based on their abilities. Therefore, our home-based daycare in Edgewood md is known for smaller classrooms with a small caretaker to toddler ratio as an effort to give your child the individual attention they need to unleash their inner talents. We strive to work with your child to feel empowered at our daycare and summer camp in Edgewood.

A Healthy Learning Environment

At Master Mind Daycare, we understand the need for parents to find the healthiest learning environment that’ll eventually impact their kids’ early childhood development. You can now schedule a tour with us to ensure that you’re enrolling your child in a healthy learning environment.

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