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Harford County is one of the most sought-after areas in Maryland. For the last five years, it has successfully catered to new families and individuals looking to achieve the ultimate small-town atmosphere and an exquisite lifestyle for personal and professional well-being. Gunpowder is one Harford County town that stands out for its incredibly small population.


With a population of only 165 people, Gunpowder is one of the least crowded towns in Maryland. This is one of the key reasons why families are often compelled to move here when trying to give their children a calm and significantly less chaotic town environment with high-quality education and more.


Despite all the amenities offered in Gunpowder, parents are always looking for reliable child care opportunities so that they can go to work with peace of mind. At Master Mind, our daycare service in Gunpowder stands out among others because of our holistic approach to children’s care, growth, and learning.


Here’s why you should choose us.

High-Quality Childcare with Maximum Learning

One thing that distinguishes our daycare and nanny service in Gunpowder from the rest is the quality of care we offer and how we integrate learning at every step of the way for your child. We understand the need for a child to get a home-like, comfortable environment to feel safe and healthy at all times. Therefore, our home-based daycare is the perfect place for parents to rely on when looking for a place where their children wouldn’t miss out on the special moments of their childhood.


Furthermore, we strongly believe in the idea of teaching some skills at an early age. Therefore, we stand by your child as they begin adopting new skills and concepts that’ll ultimately help them later in life.

A Fun-Filled Summer Camp for Your Children

Summers are the best time for children to learn a new thing or do. If you cannot make any exciting plans for your family, you can always choose our summer camp in Gunpowder where they’ll get to meet new kids, engage in exciting activities, and learn some hands-on skills before they return to school.

Play-Based Education to Prepare for Kindergarten and Beyond

Our team of caretakers aims to help your child stand out personally and academically. Therefore, our daycare offers play-based education to ensure they’re all set to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

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