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Harford County in Maryland has multiple small towns and cities, perfect for single and multi-family households. One such city that has gained significant popularity among American families is Havre De Grace. Despite being a small city with a suburban atmosphere, Havre De Grace has experienced a rise in population in the last five or more years. In fact, the increased inclination of people to move to this city has made it one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.


Havre De Grace is a friendly town, home to people from various cultures and ethnicities. The key reasons for its preference among American families include its peaceful suburban feel, low crime rates, excellent education system, and nurturing quality of life for its residents


As the perfect city to raise children, many parents in Havre De Grace are always looking to improve their children’s education at a young age. Fortunately, our daycare and summer camp in Havre De Grace can help.

Focus on Children’s Empowerment

Raising children to become confident adults in the future requires a lot of work. This includes giving children the right tools and environment to feel strong, empowered, and confident individuals who can take on the world with their strengths.


At Master Mind Daycare, we significantly focus on learning more about each child and giving them what they need to feel empowered. From giving them challenging responsibilities to conduct trivia rounds to stimulate competition, we continue to employ new and improved resources to help them take control of their strengths and emotions.

More Opportunities to Explore Themselves

Our home-based Havre De Grace daycare and nanny service is the perfect spot for children to truly focus on their abilities. Some children are excellent critical thinkers, while others are great at writing or speaking. Our caretakers allow children to participate in a wide range of learning activities so they can explore themselves and determine what they’re good at.


This ultimately allows them to work on their weaknesses and become truly prepared for success before entering preschool or kindergarten. It’s safe to say that our Havre De Grace daycare and nanny service is the perfect place to help your child stand out academically.

Smaller Classrooms for Increased Learning

One thing that sets our home-based daycare in Havre De Grace apart from other daycares is our child-to-caretaker ratio and classroom sizes. Our classrooms are smaller, allowing children to receive the one-on-one attention they need to have all their questions answered right away

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