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If you’re considering Maryland as your next state of residence to improve your and your family’s safety, Joppa is the town you should move to. Known for being 62% safer than any other town in the US, Joppa has undoubtedly become a family-favorite town with its significantly low crime rates. It’s an excellent place for anyone looking to spend quality time outdoors without worrying about street crimes, burglary, and other security risks.


Furthermore, the town has many outdoor recreational activities for its residents, especially during the summers. From the trails at the Mariner Point Park to the piers and playgrounds for kids by the river, Joppa is one of the most incredible towns for families with children.


With plenty of opportunities for children’s entertainment, parents continue to look for other resources to contribute to their children’s early childhood development in Joppa. Fortunately, our Daycare Service in Joppa is an excellent place to get started. We have everything your child will benefit from when enrolled at Master Mind Daycare.

Smaller Classrooms

At Master Mind Daycare, we understand how difficult it can become for children to become confident individuals, speak up, and truly express themselves in highly crowded classrooms. A significant aspect of our modern approach at our daycare and summer camp in Joppa is to establish a healthy environment where children can benefit from a smaller child-to-caretaker ratio. Our smaller classrooms make the daycare environment more breathable, allowing children to have access to one-on-one time with caretakers for improved skills and learning.

Increased Emphasis on STEAM Education

Our experience and knowledge allow us to take the right steps for children’s education and early childhood development to contribute to their future success. Therefore, our curriculum significantly focuses on children’s STEAM education that we kickstart by familiarizing them with basic concepts like the alphabet, the number system, and more. Furthermore, all our activities at our daycare and nanny service in Joppa are developed with an equal integration of sciences and arts for better intellectual growth.

Learning Made Fun

If you think our daycare and summer camp activities in Joppa will enhance your child’s early childhood development, feel free to contact us here to learn more today!

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If you think our daycare and summer camp in Joppa will enhance your child’s early childhood development, feel free to contact us here to learn more today!

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