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Maryland consists of both massive and small towns to facilitate its residents. However, one town that’s known for supporting its residents with increased employment opportunities is Street. Located in the vicinity of Harford County, Street is known as a small yet the most family-centric town in Maryland. Most people residing here do so because of the peaceful environment and higher job prospects than in other towns throughout Maryland.


With a high number of families with kids residing in Street, parents often look for quality care and home-based daycare and summer camps in Street, MD. Our experts at Master Mind can now help your child make the best memories at our daycare service in Street.


Better Care

Letting your kids out of sight can be challenging for new parents. It’s one of the reasons they always look for daycares and places that’ll provide their children with the best care and support during their time away from their parents.


At Master Mind, we serve as a home-based daycare, aiming to create a nurturing environment for your child to help them receive the best possible care and attention from our professionals. From teaching children new skills to looking after them every step of the way, you can always count on us to provide your child with the love, affection, and care they need to grow as nurtured individuals in a healthy learning environment.

Enjoyable Learning

One thing we always ensure at our daycare and nanny service in Street is that your child never gets bored and doesn’t insist on going home before time. It’s because we recognize children’s need to learn through innovative strategies. Our activities are integrated with new learning concepts that children don’t only enjoy but learn from.


Whether you choose to enroll your child in our daycare or summer camp in Street, we make sure that every child has a unique and memorable experience with us by creating a fun learning environment with toys, art supplies, new and interesting books, and activities for constant growth and entertainment for children.

A Play-Based Curriculum

At Master Mind, our daycare and summer camp in Street is known for employing a play-based curriculum that we use to integrate the perfect balance of fun activities and learning concepts for children. The idea is to enhance early childhood development with indoor and outdoor activities and help children grasp the basic STEAM concepts to perform well in their future academic career.

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