Does the Nanny also Cook and Clean?

Calling all busy parents! Are you also looking for a superstar nanny but are confused over whether they’ll double as a maid and chef? Like many other questions, the answer to this simple question says, “It depends.” Beyond playtime, a nanny’s duty varies depending on many factors and conditions. But, you don’t have to worry; we are here to help you learn all the responsibilities a nanny can cover. Moreover, we will also list a few tips on how to find a perfect nanny for your child who can be your childcare champion in your absence.

What Are The Duties Of Nanny?

Nannies are no less than ultimate playmates and super guardians for you and your kids. Their core responsibilities lie in the development and well-being of your child. Following are a few duties that you can expect:

  • They help your kids play games, read stories, and engage in activities that are the nanny’s specialty.
  • They are responsible for changing your toddler’s diaper and eyeing your curious explorer every time, so they ensure your child’s safety.
  • Nannies can significantly boost your child’s learning through songs, age-appropriate activities, and even fostering their curiosity.
  • Moreover, they will monitor your child’s mealtimes and snacking and keep your little ones comfortable throughout
  • Some nanny services also offer occasional appointments and errands, depending on the agreement you establish.

Cooking Considerations

While cooking in the kitchen doesn’t fall under the duties of a nanny, few might feel happy lending a hand in your kitchen. Following are the points you can consider while looking into a nanny’s duty for cooking:

  • If you want to prepare snacks and small meals for your toddlers, a nanny can handle that, as it is different from cooking for a whole family.
  • If you hire a nanny for longer hours, you can discuss with her about preparing small meals throughout the day of your absence.
  • No matter what, you should be clear about your needs, as open communication is the key. Be clear and open about what help you need with preparing meals or snacks. Discuss potential compensation if the requirement falls outside the nanny’s typical duty.

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