Qualities to Look for in a Master Nanny for Your Child

Qualities to Look for in a Master Nanny for Your Child

When we are about to hire someone to take care of our children, we have a vague sense of what we require from them. Someone who is really caring, and loving towards them. But also, someone who knows how to handle emergency situations. There are so many options out there but how do you know which one is suitable for your family?

Hiring a nanny is a major decision for you and your family. The nanny you choose to take care of your family will be the one person who your kids will be spending a lot of time with. So, the influence the nanny has on them is really important. There are some basic attributes that every nanny needs to have, here are a few for you.

4 Qualities You Should Look for in a Nanny

No caregiver is perfect so use this list of qualities to prioritize what’s most important to you.


Being able to trust a nanny that you’re hiring is one of the most important things because without trust you will never find peace. Moreover, most of the time your nanny will be alone with the children, so you need to trust the caregiver will always put your children first.

Once a nanny joins the family, they have access to private information. Can your nanny protect your privacy? This is what matters the most.

Enjoys Children

The purpose of a nanny doing this job matters a lot. This may seem obvious, but some nannies may go into childcare only thinking about money. That isn’t the right intention. Nannying can have long days and it can be a very tough job at times, but if you are not in this because you love children, it can become tough very quickly.

What is enjoying children? Well, it means playing with them, exploring their interests, and teaching them new things through your actions.


Being patient in this job is extremely important. As we mentioned before, long days of nannying can be tough. Moreover, sometimes it’s because of the hours worked, and sometimes it’s because children love to test their boundaries and can be emotional and irrational.

So, when you are interviewing people, ask them several questions regarding this point. Ask them how they handle difficult situations with children.

Communication Skills

The best nannies are the ones who are able to communicate well, both with your children and you. It is important that the nanny provides comprehensive updates to you at the end of the day. Similarly, you should find a nanny who is comfortable asking questions when she is unsure about anything. Hence, this shows that they are willing to get better at their job.

During interviews, assess their ability to communicate clearly and compassionately. This includes discussing their approach to handling conflicts, sharing information, and keeping you informed about your child’s activities and well-being.


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