What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Play in Early Years?

We live in a world right now that is extremely tech-advanced. And, we can’t deny that as technology keeps advancing, kid’s outdoor play time has declined dramatically. Most parents are able to identify this issue and want to encourage their kids to be more active throughout the day, but in a busy household, outdoor play might not be a priority.

Despite having packed schedules, children need to play freely without a care in the world, and what’s the perfect place to do that? Playground. Playgrounds are the perfect place to engage in unstructured play.

The Importance of Outdoor Activities in Day Care Centers:

  • Mastering new skills
  • Social interactions
  • Learning a variety of skills
  • Using their imagination

The Benefits and Importance of Outdoor Play in Early Childhood

1.      Provide Physical Benefits

So, when you see kids playing outside, you will notice that they are not only having fun but this is a really good workout for them as well. When kids get into the habit of exercising at a very young age, they see it as an enjoyable experience as they grow up. Similarly, it will always motivate them to remain active as they get older.

  • Burns Calories: It is common and normal to see obese and overweight kids, isn’t it? Most of the time that’s because they are not active every day. Moreover, being obese at a young age causes issues for the future. So, one of the best ways to tackle obesity is to encourage children to play outdoors and get their workout in.
  • Builds Motor Skills: In order to develop motor skills and endurance, young children need stimulation and practice. For example, climbing a tree or swinging on a swing set enhances gross motor skills, while activities like drawing with chalk or building with blocks improve fine motor skills.

2.      Offers Social Benefits

It is important for a child to develop social skills at a young age because if they don’t, it might cause problems for them in the future. Interacting with other kids at the playground teaches them important lessons about social norms and how to interact with others.

  • Teaches Social Skills: It’s essential for young kids to know how to play well with other children. Similarly, young children have trouble understanding what’s right and wrong. They must learn how to share, cooperate, and treat other children kindly.
  • Improve Communication Skills: To reach common goals, kids need to practice communicating positively and productively when they play outside. Hence, when they are playing outdoors, they have an unstructured outdoor environment, it’s up to them to make the rules. This is how they learn to plan and share knowledge among themselves.

3.      Has An Emotional Impact

We know that the social and physical benefits of outdoor play are the most obvious ones. However, outdoor play has a lot to do with emotional changes in your child’s well-being that you might not be able to recognize.

  • As they master challenging playground structures, it will help boost their self-confidence.
  • More positive activities will lower tendencies to bully or misbehave with others.
  • It will teach them how to tackle challenges in a more positive and healthy way.


Promoting outdoor play in children’s lives is vital for their physical, social, and emotional development. Let’s prioritize unstructured play and ensure a healthier, happier future for our kids.

If you have questions or need guidance on encouraging outdoor play, please contact us. We’re here to help you support your child’s growth and well-being.


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