4 Qualities of a Reliable Daycare

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Whether you’re a working parent or just want some alone time with your partner but don’t have anyone to look after the kids, you’re probably looking for a reliable daycare for your little angels. The number of options out there may seem either severely lacking or overwhelming, making the process of trying to find an affordable and high-quality daycare a stressful experience.

How can you know which one to trust with your precious children? What if one’s better than the other? Don’t get discouraged in your search; here’s a list of qualities that a great daycare embodies:

1. Stellar reviews

A good daycare will boast a solid reputation, built on a foundation of positive reviews from current or previous parents. Don’t rely solely on online reviews! Check around with friends, family, and neighbors to get an idea of their experiences and ask for references.

Take a note of any good or bad patterns while you’re researching the reviews. No provider can be perfect, but if there is a consistent complaint that has been left unaddressed, something doesn’t seem right.

2. A caring environment

First impressions are important! When you walk into a daycare, does it give off a vibrant and fun aura? Look around at the environment and ensure that it feels homey and comforting for your child. It should have a variety of age-appropriate environments and activities for each age group. Young infants might need more floor space to crawl around, while older children would want tables and desks for arts and crafts.

Observe the children who are currently enrolled in the facility as well. They should look happy and engaged with full access to diverse projects and activities. They should also be comfortable and responsive to their caregivers.

3. An interesting curriculum

Everyone prioritizes different aspects of a ‘perfect’ day for their child. Perhaps you want them to have a fluid schedule that’s more child-led with spontaneous changes, or maybe you’d like a school-like environment that follows a rigid curriculum. A good daycare should be able to meet all of your needs.

Make sure the daycare doesn’t incorporate too much screen time while taking care of the kids. Children should be invested in their learning material and socializing with adults and other children around them.

4. Safety

A good daycare will go out of its way to ensure your child’s safety. The rooms should be completely childproofed, with strict food safety being practiced, along with toys and play spaces being well-maintained. There should also be constant supervision, and kids should never be left alone during their stay.

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Master Mind Daycare’s experienced caregivers are proud that we successfully meet all of the criteria of a perfect daycare for kids in Maryland. We believe that providing parents and children with a reliable and safe avenue is essential.

We aim to make your child’s experience as fun and full of learning as we possibly can! We value the importance of early childhood development. Feel free to check out the details of our daycare program or speak with us by getting in touch with us today!


Master Mind Daycare is an initiative to help bring out the hidden potential and talent of your little ones. We aim to groom their skills and help them hone their abilities while also providing them with a curriculum relevant to their future learning.