Helping Kids to Be Thankful this Thanksgiving with Mastermind Daycare

Helping Kids to Be Thankful this Thanksgiving with Mastermind Daycare

“What are you thankful for this year?” Answering that question as you sit with your family is a popular Thanksgiving tradition. It symbolizes what makes Thanksgiving special. Time surely flies, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

It is important to teach our children from an early age that this festive holiday is about more than roast turkey and pumpkin pie. It is an opportunity to be thankful for what we have and who we share our lives with.

It can be hard for toddlers to wrap their heads around what generosity is. Moreover, they are naturally self-focused because you’ve been meeting all of their needs since they were born. So, for them, they think the world simply revolves around them. If you want your kids to grow up and be kind, empathetic people, you have to work with them on learning to practice these values.

The Relevance of Thanksgiving in Early Childhood Education

Firstly, we can teach kids empathy and understanding through Thanksgiving tales. At Mastermind Daycare, we gather the kids around and share stories. Therefore, stories about sharing and togetherness can help kids understand the importance of community.

Additionally, developing social skills is crucial. Similarly, group activities centered around Thanksgiving can encourage kids to work together, share, and communicate. Furthermore, we often play a fun game of “Pass the Pumpkin” to the tune of Thanksgiving songs. Kids end up laughing and bonding with one another.

Thanksgiving Activities for Children

Thanksgiving Storytelling Sessions

Gather the kids around! So, whether it’s about the harvest or history, captivating tales can engage those active imaginations. Moreover, we all know how creative and curious kids are, right? Well, let the creativity flow.

Gratitude Circle

Start your Thanksgiving celebration with a gratitude circle. Similarly, encourage each child to express what they are thankful for. Hence, this will make them appreciate things and be mindful of everything around them.

Thanksgiving Parade

At Mastermind Daycare, we organize a mini-Thanksgiving parade within our center. Therefore, children can create whatever they’d like, float, or dress up as Thanksgiving-themed characters as well. Additionally, this is a way to stimulate imagination and build teamwork.

Fall Nature Walk

It is crucial for kids to be mindful of their surroundings. Moreover, connect with the season by taking the children on a nature walk to observe the changing leaves and fall colors. Similarly, encourage discussions about the beauty of nature and the importance of taking care of our environment.

Turkey Art Projects

This is a really fun activity. Basically, the kids can engage in turkey-themed projects for Thanksgiving. Moreover, they can create handprint turkeys, turkey masks, or even paint turkey feathers. Therefore, these types of activities will let out their creative side and excite them.

Hosting a Mini-Fest

At Mastermind Daycare, we never let Thanksgiving go by without a feast. Moreover, we ask the kids to bring in a dish from home and share it with one another. It’s a Thanksgiving kid’s feast!


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