When and How to Celebrate International Students Day?

When and How to Celebrate International Students Day?

During November comes a very important day, International Students Day. Around the world, this day is celebrated to recognize the achievements of students. How did it start? To commemorate the 1,200+ students of the University of Prague who lost their lives in World War Two, this day originally started.

The Nazis detained these students for standing up for what they believed is right. They got together for a demonstration against Nazi occupation on 17th November 1939. The Nazis shut does the university and executed many of those students.

To honor those students, Mastermind Daycare will celebrate the achievements of its students and recognize the power of our young youth. The value of education cannot be stressed enough. And, on this day, it is crucial to spread awareness about what these students died fighting.

The Significance of International Student’s Day

Diversity is what defines us, and we need to learn how to accept everyone’s differences. To be successful, you need to come up with viable solutions, and this is why it’s so important to celebrate International Student’s Day.

Firstly, International Students Day is all about the right to education for every single kid out there. Moreover, we can’t deny the importance that education holds. Our young generation needs as much exposure as possible from a young age, and education should never be stolen from them.

Secondly, it is crucial to instill the idea importance of education in your kids from a very young age. How can you do that? By enrolling them in a daycare or summer camp. Additionally, these programs help kids’ development and growth. So, that is a plus one.

Celebrates Cultural Diversity

International Students Day also talks about diversity. For example, when you enroll your kid in a daycare, they are going to learn from a very young age to accept everyone’s differences. And, this is something they can only learn from a young age. Therefore, celebrating this day provides an opportunity to recognize the plethora of cultures that International Students bring to these programs.

Promotes Global Awareness

Students from all backgrounds have different cultures. Similarly, celebrating International Student’s Day helps to forge a better understanding of that. Imagine your kid sitting in a daycare with students of all cultures, this will teach them the value of understanding and respecting others.

Encourages Civic Engagement

One more important aspect is that international Students have a unique perspective when it comes to engaging in civic dialogue. By celebrating International Students Day, we can encourage students to participate in their classroom, and volunteer opportunities. For example, in a summer camp, your kid is going to meet all sorts of kids of his age. Therefore, they would be able to learn a lot about their peers and about how our world works.

International Students Day Activities

Firstly, we encourage children to share a story with the whole group about their own culture. During this time, all the students gather around and carefully listen to the stories. Moreover, a mini fair is a good way to celebrate this day as well, where students could witness different cultures of their peers.

Secondly, an arts and crafts workshop sounds fun, doesn’t it? It will be engaging for the students, and teach them a lot about various countries. Therefore, they will be asked to paint their flags and stick them up on the walls.

Thirdly, a language-learning game is never a bad idea. Moreover, this activity will help your child gain more knowledge about other languages. Hence, this will emphasize the importance of learning new languages to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds.