Hire Help: 8 Types of Nanny Services

Hire Help: 8 Types of Nanny Services

This is your baby we are talking about. You worked so hard to carry them in your body for 9 months and nurture them into good health. So, you have the full right to want a perfect nanny for them. Your satisfaction is a must when it comes to nanny services in Maryland.

Before you start your search for a nanny, your first step should be to sit down and outline your needs. On the basis of the schedule, certifications, and experience of the nanny, the rates are charged, so knowing what you need is the key to getting started.

8 Types of Nannies You Can Hire to Help

Nannies can offer several types of child care and even household help. Here are a few common nanny options to help narrow your search through nanny services in Maryland.

Nanny Housekeepers

These wonderful multitasking professionals not only take care of your little ones but also lend a helping hand with some household chores. If you find yourself struggling to juggle childcare and maintaining a tidy home, a nanny housekeeper might be the perfect fit for you. Moreover, they can even assist you with light cleaning, isn’t that amazing?

Live-In Nannies

For families who require round-the-clock support, live-in nannies can be a lifesaver. They reside in your home and are available to cater to your child’s needs day and night. This arrangement is ideal for busy parents or those who have irregular work hours and need consistent care for their babies. Furthermore, having the nanny live with your family means your care costs are reduced.

Part-Time Nannies

If you’re seeking flexibility in your nanny’s schedule, a part-time nanny could be the answer. Part-time nannies usually work for a specific number of hours per week or on certain days, making them a great choice for parents who only need assistance during specific times.

Full-Time Nannies

For parents who require constant care for their little ones due to demanding work schedules or other commitments, full-time nannies are the way to go. Similarly, they provide consistent support throughout the week. Hence, this ensures your child’s well-being and development are well-attended.

Special Needs Nannies

If your child has specific medical or developmental needs, hiring a specialized caregiver can make a significant difference. Special needs nannies are trained and experienced in working with children who require extra attention and care.

Summer Nannies

When school’s out, and the kids are at home during summer break, a summer nanny can keep them engaged and entertained. These nannies are skilled at planning fun activities and outings to ensure your child’s summer is both enjoyable and enriching. However, you need to keep in mind that these nannies will have less time with the children or in your home. And, this means that their care will be no as involved as a full-time or live-in nanny.

Night Nannies

New parents, in particular, can benefit from the services of a night nanny. Therefore, they provide overnight care, allowing you to get some much-needed rest while ensuring your baby’s needs are met during the night. If the baby is bottle-fed, a night nanny will take care of feeding and then putting the baby back to sleep. For families with breastfed babies, night nannies will bring the baby to the mother to breastfeed and then settle them back down to bed.


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