Nanny Rates 2023: How Much Should I Pay a Nanny?

Nanny Rates 2023: How Much Should I Pay a Nanny?

Hiring someone to take care of your child is a huge responsibility, isn’t it? It can be scary giving your child to someone else after you took so long to nurture them and take care of them with your life. Don’t worry because we will take care of everything for you.

The average nanny rate in Maryland is $19/hour and this can be affected by their schedules, location, education, experience, and responsibilities. There are many other variables that can be considered such as overtime, taxes, and raises.

How Much Do You Pay a Nanny?

It depends on your family’s needs and where you live when we talk about the cost of hiring a nanny. Moreover, there are some nannies that are paid minimum wage. On the other hand, others can have a starting pay of $25/hour. So, make sure you consider what you are looking for in your nanny (e.g., full-time vs part-time, responsibilities, qualifications, experience, and education) before settling on the salary you are offering.

Average Nanny Rates

The national average hourly rate for a nanny is $19.14 per hour. The national average gross weekly salary for full-time live-out nannies is $766. The national average gross weekly salary for full-time live-in nannies is $670, according to the INA.

Factors that Influence How Much a Nanny Costs

Experience and Education

Nannies with more experience or specialized training in childcare and early childhood education often command higher nanny rates in Maryland. Those who have certifications or degrees in relevant fields may also have an edge and may expect a higher salary.

Examples of roles related to nannying:

  • Daycare providers
  • Early childhood teachers
  • Infant and toddler nurses
  • Au Pairs


Nanny rates can vary significantly based on your location. Nannies working in metropolitan areas or high-cost-of-living regions like Maryland may generally demand higher pay compared to rural areas.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time

The type of arrangement you seek also impacts the cost. Full-time nannies typically expect a stable income and may require benefits, which can contribute to a higher overall pay rate compared to part-time nannies.

Responsibilities and Duties

The scope of responsibilities assigned to the nanny can affect the pay rate. If you require additional tasks beyond childcare, such as housekeeping or tutoring, it may influence the salary.

Overtime and Additional Hours

Nannies may charge extra for working overtime or covering additional hours. It’s essential to discuss and agree on overtime rates to avoid any misunderstandings later on. Moreover, if they work more than 40 hours within a 7-day workweek, they must get overtime pay, according to federal law. 58% of nannies in the United States are paid for working overtime.

Benefits and Perks

Apart from the hourly rate, some families may offer additional benefits like health insurance, paid vacation days, or contributions to retirement plans. Providing these perks can attract higher-quality nannies but may also affect the overall cost.

Live Out Nannies

  • Location flexibility
  • Independence
  • No housing costs
  • Potential for longer work hours
  • Clear Boundaries
  • Less intrusion
  • Possible availability of part-time nannies

Live In Nannies

  • Residing in the family home
  • Immediate availability
  • Convenience for parents
  • Closeness and bonding
  • Potential for greater job security
  • Shared household responsibilities