Supporting Children’s Creativity: Here’s How to Do It

A child holding a toy camera at a daycare in Harford County

Kids have brilliant, ever-expanding minds housing infinite creativity and curiosity. According to a study, kids’ imaginations can help them cope with pain better. Their creativity can also increase their confidence, help them develop better social skills, and increase their capability to learn.

Here’s how you can encourage your child’s creativity:

Designate a creative space

Creating a space for your child to let their creative juices flow is important. However, you don’t have to provide them with an entire well-stocked playroom. A small corner with a box of LEGOs or a sack of your old clothes to play dress-up should suffice. Creativity can flourish in the tiniest of spaces; you just have to let your child feel like they hold authority in their space.

Keep things simple

You don’t need to invest in the fanciest toys. Simple items and activities can enable your child to let their creative wheels spin to turn them into anything they desire. For example, if you’re playing with LEGOs together, let your child build whatever they want instead of strictly following a manual. Letting kids have creative control can also build up their confidence in their skills.

Free time is important

Don’t structure every part of your child’s day around education and improving their skills. Spending time by themselves without following a schedule can be great for letting children relax and boost their creativity.

Help your child get in touch with their senses

Exposing your child to scenarios where they get to use all of their senses is important for their development. Take them to outdoor spaces, museums, and libraries. Read to them about faraway lands and ask them to imagine the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings described in the book.

Encourage critical thinking

Ask your children about different approaches to certain problems, encouraging them to think of various solutions. You can get them to brainstorm about their ideas by using mind-mapping techniques. You can also ask them when they get their most creative moments and keep a notebook or tape recorder ready for them to note those ideas down.

Avoid managing

Children are free spirits, and breathing down their necks all the time can put a damper on their creativity. It’s important to facilitate their creativity without being their manager. Kids learn a lot when they try things out by themselves, and the lack of strict rules in games and activities can enable them to create their own. Taking a more hands-off approach with kids helps them learn how to solve problems and create interesting solutions.

A child’s hand covered in blue paint

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