Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Daycare Caretaker

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Enrolling your child in a daycare becomes critical when you’re a working parent with no one to look after your child at home. However, daycare isn’t only about a child’s care and security. The daycare you choose for your kid plays a significant role in their education, quality of childhood experiences, and overall growth as individuals. While choosing a home-based daycare is an excellent way to get started, here are three questions to always ask your child’s daycare caretaker when enrolling your child.

What’s the Caretaker-to-Child Ratio?

Every daycare has a specific caretaker-to-child ratio, especially the ones with classrooms. This is an instant indicator of how likely your child is to get individual care and attention from the daycare professionals. Ask the caretakers about classroom sizes and the number of children assigned to a caretaker at one time.

Ideally, the ratio should be small and easier to manage. The smaller and more focused the classroom, the higher the chances your kid’s needs will be met instantly and effectively. This also shows that the daycare focuses on every child’s strengths and weaknesses individually instead of creating an unnecessarily competitive environment that leads to increased insecurities among kids.

What Does Your Curriculum Look Like?

Daycares should follow a curriculum consisting of activities, lesson plans, and all the topics the caretakers cover while teaching children. Ask them what their curriculum is based on and what’s their overall idea behind it.

This will give you an insight into what the caretakers aim to achieve with their education plans and whether they employ the concepts of play-based education to enhance your child’s skills and capabilities.

What Kind of Environment Does Your Daycare Have?

Lastly, the environment and atmosphere of a daycare program are everything when you’re trying to help your child achieve optimal care and attention. Therefore, always ask the daycare personnel about other parents’ reviews of their daycare’s environment. You can also schedule a tour with them for a firsthand experience of their facility.

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