Top 3 Ways to Celebrate International Literacy Day with Toddlers

stacks of white cards with the alphabet

Literacy is one of the top five priorities and causes for concern for both developing and developed countries. With so much achieved in the world of education, it makes sense to celebrate International Literacy Day among children and create as much awareness about the need for education as possible. Talking about literacy and other important topics in today’s world significantly impact children’s early childhood development. Here are three of the most productive ways you can now celebrate International Literacy Day with toddlers.

A Writing Competition

One thing most children associate literacy and education with is writing. It’s because writing is one of the first things children begin learning when they enter their academic careers. Some children become fond of creative writing, while others write to improve their written communication.

An incredible way to celebrate this is by conducting a writing competition among children. Children can choose to write letters, poems, stories, or anything that brings them pleasure and share them with their peers and teachers. Anything they write can be an ode to the power of literacy, which you can discuss during the latter half of the writing competition.

A Group Reading Activity

Like writing, reading also constitutes a significant portion of the education of children at every age. Therefore, there’s no better way to celebrate literacy than by organizing a group reading activity with toddlers.

You can allow children to choose their favorite book from the library, and help each child one page of the book to the rest of the children as a group activity. This will make reading fun, interactive, and a highly stimulating experience for kids.

A Classroom Discussion on Learning Experiences

International Literacy Day also serves as the perfect day for self-reflection. It’s when it becomes essential to think about everyone our education has done for us and all the ways we can improve it for future generations.

If you want your children to engage in a similar form of self-expression, conduct a classroom discussion with them and encourage them to speak about their individual learning experiences. Remember to talk about their expectations from their future learning endeavors and what they aim to accomplish with their education.

a child reading with her caretaker

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