6 Fun Extracurricular Activities For Your At-Home Kids

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It’s normal for kids to laze around after school but keeping them actively busy until dinner can be challenging. Many parents have it figured out, but it’s hard to keep children engaged at home for hours.

You can keep your children entertained without compromising learning with these super fun activities. Read on to learn more.

1. Play Instruments

Music is one thing that connects everyone. Children love to perform or play instruments. Many can top both. You can play instruments with your child for fun or have them take music lessons of their choice of instrument. In any case, you and your child can find something that you both enjoy and learn from.

Music offers certain freedom, and music also helps memorize or learn about something otherwise difficult. For example, many children learn about cultures, numbers, and history through music.

2. Active Sports

Physical activity is a must because it helps to maintain health. Active sports like football, tennis, badminton, basketball, or softball can boost physical health. Apart from that, these games require active thinking and teamwork. Playing these outdoor games with your child increases their endurance, critical thinking, and teamwork.

3. Arts and Crafts

Creativity is innate, but it can be enhanced through practice. You can improve your child’s creative skills through art. Work together to be in touch with your artistic side. Play with colors if your child prefers arts and crafts over boisterous games.

You can also engage in sculpting or pottery to increase the sense of satisfaction in your little one. Playing with clay has a therapeutic impact because your children believe they can create things with hands. These crafty activities also improve motor and sensory skills, so you get to have fun and learn something in the process.

4. Dance For Fun

Dancing can be a stress-releaser. Funky dance can help reduce stress, and you can enjoy some quality time with your kid. Many children prefer folk chances while others simply love to goof around. You can pick different dancing styles to teach your kids about cultural diversity while developing their mental and physical health.

5. Reading Session

Nothing beats the joy of reading a book. Reading becomes 10x more fun when you do it with your little one. Their curious little minds love to learn about words and stories. You can incorporate different forms of literature to get them into reading. This activity will improve their reading and literacy skills and tremendously influence their writing skills.

6. Cook Together

Cooking your child’s favorite meal is one thing, but when you do it together, you also bond. Engage your child in cooking and allow them to experiment. Answer their questions and guide them to use different utensils. This is a surefire way to build gratitude among your children.

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Try these fun activities with your children at home and lighten your child’s path to development. If you’re looking to enroll your child in a summer camp or daycare program in Havre De Grace that taps into their creativity and interests, visit Master Mind Daycare. We offer an integrated curriculum with a special focus on early childhood development.

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